The Governor and Mr Bunten invite students to undertake a tour of Government House by appointment, particularly if the students are undertaking relevant studies, i.e. of government, citizenship and Australian history.

A visit to Government House will be of particular interest to History teachers of the new Australian Curriculum, as well as teachers of the South Australian Curriculum Society and Environment, and SACE teachers of Australian and International Politics, Australian History, History, Legal Studies, and Society and Culture.

Volunteer guides are available to escort groups of up to 30 students on week days. Your guide will not be an experienced teacher with an in-depth knowledge of the curriculum areas; therefore, it is expected that teachers will have identified the relevance of the tour of Government House to the learning areas of the curriculum and will have prepared students in advance.

To request a School Tour, please complete the attached form and return it to Government House.

For enquiries please call Mrs Bronwyn Jolly, Aide to the Governor 08 8203 9812

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