The Governor will send a congratulatory letter to individuals on the following occasions:

* 50th 60th 65th and 70th Wedding Anniversaries
* 100th, 105th, 110th Birthdays.

Requests for these letters come to the Governor via the Premier's Protocol Unit, which also arrange for messages to be sent (depending on the nature of the occasion) by His Majesty The King, the Premier of South Australia, the Governor-General, Prime Minister, Federal and State Leaders of the Opposition and members of the Federal and State Parliaments.

Nominations for congratulatory messages can be made by any individual, but documentary evidence is required of the event to be celebrated.

Enquiries to: Department of the Premier and Cabinet or 08 8429 5135.

Applications should be sent to the Premier's Protocol Unit no less than two (2) months and no more than six (6) months prior to the date of the birthday or anniversary. Applications received with less than two (2) months notice will be processed but cannot be guaranteed to arrive by the date of the birthday or anniversary.

Recipients must be residents of South Australia.

* Please note that His Majesty does not send messages for 50th Wedding Anniversaries or messages to persons who are not citizens of a Commonwealth country.