Requests for the Governor to host functions at Government House

Government House is the home of the Governor and Mr Bunten.

The Governor and/or Mr Bunten will be pleased to host receptions in the Ballroom or Drawing Rooms of Government House to mark special occasions of community significance for not-for-profit groups. These are generally scheduled for an hour on weekday afternoons or early evenings, or at other times by negotiation.

If the request is agreed to, Government House will be responsible for sending out the invitations and for the provision of all hospitality (drinks and nibbles - restrictions permitting). Please note that Government House is not a ‘venue for hire’ for use by outside caterers.

Requests should specify:

  • the cause for celebration or benefit of the event and why it is appropriate for the Governor and/or Mr Bunten to host such an event at public expense;
  • the desired date and time; and
  • the group of people who are expected to attend.

A lead time of at least 10 weeks will enable the development of well-considered guest lists, the despatch of invitations and time for responses. Once guests have accepted the invitations, entrée cards are sent (these are needed by guests to gain admission and to enable each guest to be presented individually by name to the Governor and Mr Bunten on arrival). In the case of conferences or award ceremonies or situations which make it difficult to nominate all the guests so far in advance, other arrangements may be negotiated.