Daily Program

Friday, 10 March 2023

On Friday morning, at the Adelaide Convention Centre, Her Excellency the Governor attended the 2023 International Women’s Day Breakfast at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Later, at Gawler Belt, the Governor, accompanied by Mr Bunten, addressed students and staff at Xavier College.

Afterwards, at Balaklava, the Governor and Mr Bunten met with the Mayor, His Worship Mr Rodney Reid, the Chief Executive Officer, Mr Andrew MacDonald, and councillors of the Wakefield Regional Council.

Later, at Balaklava, the Governor, accompanied by Mr Bunten, visited the Horizon Christian School to celebrate 30 years of learning and address the guests at the Student Leader Induction Ceremony.

In the evening, at Ukaria Cultural Centre, Mount Barker Summit, the Governor and Mr Bunten attended a performance of ‘An Ancient Song’, part of the Adelaide Festival.

During the day, the Governor and Mr Bunten opened Government House to members of the Burnside Historical Society, Concordia College and the Heart Foundation Walk, as part of the community and school tour series.

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