Her Excellency and Mr Bunten in the Queen Elizabeth II Room, Government House.


All correspondence to the Governor or to the Office of the Governor, should be addressed to:

Government House
GPO Box 2373

Telephone: (08) 8203 9800

Email: [email protected]

The correct form of address for the Governor is:

Her Excellency the Honourable Frances Adamson AC
Governor of South Australia

Letters should commence with: "Your Excellency,".

When speaking to the Governor in person, the words "Your Excellency" are used.

In South Australia’s system of parliamentary democracy, matters of policy are determined by the government of the day.

Matters of policing and law enforcement are matters for the South Australian Police, other agencies such as the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), and the courts.

If your correspondence relates to government policy or law enforcement, you will not receive a further response from Government House and may wish to consider writing instead to the relevant minister of the South Australian Government or to your local Member of Parliament with your concerns.

Campaign emails and flyers will be noted but will not receive a response.

If your correspondence is about extensions to the Major Emergency Declaration made pursuant to the Emergency Management Act 2004, please note that it is not constitutionally open to the Governor to refuse to make such extensions when they are recommended by the government.

Similarly, the Governor has no constitutional role to play on the question of vaccine mandates.

** For security reasons, the Governor’s Establishment is unable to accept any mail or packages that are not delivered via the postal delivery service or registered courier.

Mr Rod Bunten
Government House

Letters should commence with: "Dear Mr Bunten"

All correspondence should be addressed to:

C/- Government House
GPO Box 2373

Telephone: (08) 8203 9831

Dr Richard Harris SC OAM
Government House

Letters should commence with: "Dear Dr Harris"

Official Secretary: Mr Hugh Borrowman

Aide to the Governor: Mrs Bronwyn Jolly

Corporate Manager: Mr Peter Pannach

All Media Enquiries to: Ms Raquel Mustillo - 0422 445 458

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