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He Roxby Downs
He Roxby Downs

Monday, 13 May 2024

On Monday morning, Her Excellency the Governor departed Adelaide for an official visit to the Far North.

In the morning, in Roxby Downs, the Governor met with staff and students at Roxby Downs Area School and St Barbara’s Parish School.

Afterwards, the Governor visited the BHP Innovation Hub, where she was met by Mr Roy Blight, Chief Executive Officer, Roxby Downs Council, and Ms Sonja Morrison, Governance and Executive Support, Roxby Downs Council.

Later, the Governor visited BHP Olympic Dam, where she met Ms Anna Wiley, Asset President; Mr Jeremy Milne, Head of Corporate Affairs; Mr Sulo Jahanth, Principal Corporate Affairs; and Ms Leah Sierp, Specialist Community, BHP Copper SA, toured the facility and was briefed on operations.

In the evening, the Governor participated in the Arid Recovery Sunset Tour.

Her Excellency has appointed His Excellency The Honourable Chief Justice Christopher Kourakis to be Governor’s Deputy from 7:00am on Monday, 13 May until 6:00pm on Tuesday, 14 May.

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