Daily Program

Monday, 30 October 2023

On Monday morning, at Kingswood, Her Excellency the Governor and Mr Bunten visited Mitcham Girls High School for a tour of the school and conversation with the students and staff.

Afterwards, at the South Australian Space Industry Centre, Lot Fourteen, the Governor, accompanied by Mr Bunten, addressed the guests at the Kids in Space National Showcase 2023.

Later, at Government House, the Governor received Her Excellency Mrs Ardi Stoios-Braken, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, followed by a luncheon.

In the afternoon, at Government House, the Governor hosted an afternoon tea and addressed students from Le Fevre High School visiting Government House.

Also in the afternoon, the Governor spoke by telephone to the Honourable Jay Weatherill AO.

Afterwards, at Government House, the Governor, in the presence of the Honourable Susan Kiefel AC, Chief Justice of Australia, took and subscribed to the Oaths of Allegiance and of Office to permit her to act, as necessary, as Administrator of the Commonwealth of Australia.

In the evening, at Government House, the Governor and Mr Bunten hosted a dinner for the Council of Chief Justices of Australia and New Zealand. Guests were the Honourable Susan Kiefel AC, Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, and Mr Michael Albrecht; the Honourable Christopher Kourakis, Chief Justice of South Australia; the Honourable Alan Blow AO, Chief Justice of Tasmania, and Mrs Margaret Blow; the Honourable Michael Grant AO, Chief Justice of the Northern Territory, and Ms Marita Fitzpatrick; the Honourable Anne Ferguson, Chief Justice of Victoria, and Justice Kim Hargrave; the Honourable William Alstergren AO, Chief Justice, Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia, and Mrs Kate Alstergren; the Honourable Andrew Bell, Chief Justice of New South Wales; the Honourable Lucy McCallum, Chief Justice of the Australian Capital Territory; the Honourable Helen Bowskill, Chief Justice of Queensland; the Honourable Debra Mortimer, Chief Justice of the Federal Court; and Ms Phillipa Lynch PSM, Chief Executive and Principal Registrar, Secretary of the Council of Chief Justices.

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