Daily Program

Thursday, 18 November 2021

On Thursday morning Her Excellency the Governor presided over a meeting of the Executive Council.

Later the Governor and Mr Bunten undertook a visit to The City of Unley, where they met with Mr Michael Hewitson AM, Mayor, and Mr Jordan Dodd, Deputy Mayor, who accompanied the Governor and Mr Bunten during their visit.

Afterwards the Governor and Mr Bunten met with Ms Sue Crafter, Honorary Consul of France and toured the Maison de France at Unley, followed by a tour the Unley Oval facilities and briefing on the Stage 2 development works by Ms Sue Dewing, Chief Executive Officer, Sturt Football Club.

In the afternoon the Governor and Mr Bunten, viewed the landmark tree on Overbury Drive, Clarence Park, followed by a luncheon at Nido, Hyde Park.

Later the Governor and Mr Bunten toured the Fullarton Park Community Centre including the gardens, Art Studio and Hughes Gallery, followed by a visit to Ridge Park at Myrtle Bank where they toured the Park and were briefed on the water catchment scheme and reticulation system, before returning to Government House.

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