Daily Program

Thursday, 27 June 2024

On Thursday morning, at Government House, Her Excellency the Governor presided over a meeting of the Executive Council.

Afterwards, in Salisbury, the Governor and Mr Bunten toured the R.M. Williams Factory, part of a series of visits to iconic South Australian businesses.

In the afternoon, at Government House, the Governor, as Deputy Prior of the Order of St John, admitted new Members to the Order of St John at the St John Ambulance Australia SA Investiture Ceremony.

Also in the afternoon, at Parliament House, Mr Bunten, accompanied by Ms Sophie Bunten, attended Parliament to hear Condolence Motions for The Honourable Jennifer Cashmore AM.

In the evening, at Adelaide Oval, the Governor presented the ‘The First Among Equals Award’ at the 40 Under 40 South Australia Awards.

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