Daily Program

Thursday, 7 December 2023

On Thursday morning, Her Excellency the Governor presided over a meeting of the Executive Council.

Afterwards, at Glynde, the Governor and Mr Bunten visited RV Automation Technology – South Australia Robotic Centre, as part of a series of visits to industry.

Later, at Government House, the Governor addressed the Playford College Year 12 cohort, before students toured the House.

In the afternoon, at Government House, the Governor received Dr Jon Gorvett PSM, Chief Executive, Environment Protection Authority.

Later, at Government House, Mr Bunten received Mrs Mary Lou Simpson OAM, Chair, Flinders Ranges Ediacara Foundation Limited.

Afterwards, at Government House, the Governor and Mr Bunten hosted a reception to present the 2023 Gladys Elphick Awards.

In the evening, at Government House, the Governor and Mr Bunten hosted a dinner to acknowledge Brigadier Graham Goodwin’s contribution to South Australia’s defence and veteran communities. Guests were Brigadier Graham Goodwin CSC APM, Immediate Former Commander, 9th Brigade, and Mrs Jenny Goodwin; Brigadier Timothy Orders, Deputy Commander, 9th Brigade and Mrs Hannah Orders; Captain Emma McDonald-Kerr ADC RAN, Immediate Former Commanding Officer, HMAS Encounter, and Mr Cameron Wood; Group Captain Brendan Rogers CSC CSM, Liaison Officer to the Australian Space Agency, and Mrs Sarah Rogers; and Acting Commissioner Linda Williams APM LEM, SAPOL, and Mr Steve Williams.

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