Daily Program

Thursday, 7 October 2021

On Thursday morning, Her Excellency Professor Brenda Wilson AM, Administrator, presided over a meeting of the Executive Council.

Later in the morning, Ms Frances Adamson AC took the Oath of Allegiance and Office as the 36th Governor of South Australia at a State Ceremony held in the grounds of Government House.

Afterwards Her Excellency the Governor presided over a meeting of the Executive Council.

In the afternoon the Governor and Mr Rod Bunten received Professor Brenda Wilson AM, Lieutenant Governor, and Dr Kym Bannister, followed by a luncheon.

Later the Governor received The Honourable Steven Marshall MP, Premier of South Australia.

Afterwards the Governor received Mr Peter Malinauskas MP, Leader of the Opposition.

In the evening the Governor and Mr Bunten hosted a dinner to celebrate her swearing-in as Governor of South Australia. Guests included Ms Katherine Bunten, Ms Sophie Bunten, Dr Ann Arens and Dr Mark Arens, Ms Elizabeth Ewing, Ms Sarah Alpers and Mr Hugh Kneebone, Mrs Penelope Marsh and Dr Bob Marsh, Mrs Cassandra Moore and Dr James Moore, Mr Keith Wilson and Ms Sheree Tirrell, Ms India Wilson, Ms Alison Carter (Jupp) and Mr Paul Jupp, and Mrs Mira Litt and Mr James Litt.

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