Daily Program

Tuesday, 19 April 2022

On Tuesday morning Her Excellency the Governor, accompanied by Mr Bunten, undertook a visit to RAAF Base Edinburgh, where the Governor inspected the Honour Guard and received a briefing on base operations.

The Governor and Mr Bunten then visited the Officer’s Mess, followed by a visit to No. 92 Wing.

Later the Governor and Mr Bunten visited the No. 24 Squadron, of which the Governor is Honorary Air Commodore, followed by a tour of the history wall.

In the afternoon the Governor and Mr Bunten continued their visit before returning to Government House.

In the evening at Government House, the Governor and Mr Bunten hosted a dinner for His Excellency Mr Shingo Yamagami, Ambassador for Japan and Madame Kaoru Yamagami. Other guests included Mr Junji Shimada, Consul-General of Japan in Melbourne and Mrs Kaoru Shimada; Mr Adam Wynn, Honorary Consul-General of Japan in Adelaide and Mrs Tomono Wynn; and Mr Hiroki Nakase, First Secretary, and Ms Laura Hughes, Political and Economic Analyst, Embassy of Japan.

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