Thursday, 09 March 2023

2022 Governor's Multicultural Awards

Rod and I are delighted to welcome you all to Government House for the 2022 Governor’s Multicultural Awards.

These awards are one of the ways our society can affirm our commitment to bridging cultures and demonstrate that we are proudly multicultural.

As well, they are an opportunity to champion those special people who make a heartfelt and lasting contribution to our wonderful State.

As a community, we walk together on ancient lands in the footsteps of an ancient culture.

We are a society that has evolved over time with many faces and many voices from many lands; shaping who we are and providing the essential character of our State.

While our story is multifaceted, its elements are increasingly bound together through greater intercultural understanding and greater respect for each other’s values and viewpoints.

And that is the hallmark of the commitment displayed by the finalists and winners we will honour today.

Diversity – encouraged, respected and rewarded – is a huge asset for our state.

Rod and I have had the privilege of meeting community members and organisations across the State who are working energetically on behalf of multicultural communities.

We have been struck by the extraordinary efforts of volunteers in multicultural organisations, not only to nurture a love of language and culture, but to share that culture with others.

Their willingness to actively contribute to South Australia, whether that’s paving the way for others, overcoming barriers and building trust or contributing expertise, is to be applauded.

We also applaud the efforts of many groups in keeping communities together and informed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and now, during the recovery process, running the first events after long periods of downtime and cancellations.

Throughout the year Rod and I enjoy immersing ourselves in the cultural diversity of our festivals.

Through arts we can be exposed to that which unites us across cultures and explore what could be.

Such possibilities are at the heart of multiculturalism, and long may we contribute to the realisation of those aspirations.

I thank everyone who has contributed to making the Governor’s Multicultural Awards a success, in particular to the judging committee for your diligence and the Chair, His Honour Judge Rauf Soulio for his stewardship.

I thank everyone who nominated a person or group deserving of recognition.

I know many people who are the shining lights in our communities are often modest about their contributions and don’t seek the limelight. They just get on with the job, do it well and do not seek accolades.

But the Governor’s Multicultural Awards is our way of saying thank you to those whose passion, dedication and community spirit, make South Australia a vibrant and caring place.

To all the finalists and our nine winners and two highly commended finalists, thank you for all that you have achieved and likely will continue to achieve.

South Australia is a better place because of you.


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