Friday, 16 June 2023

2023 Australian Institute of Building Awards SA Chapter

As patron of the Australian Institute of Building SA Chapter, it’s my pleasure to join you this evening for the presentation of the 2023 awards.

As Governor, and as a former diplomat, my career has focused strongly on the building of connections and relationships, between people and between countries.

As members of the construction industry, you have dedicated yourselves to building of another kind – of homes and offices; hospitals and sporting centres, schools and a wide range of other facilities.

While our professions differ, what drives success in both is very similar.

The ability to think and act strategically in highly complex settings, to manage, inspire and maintain the safety of your teams and stakeholders; to meet budgets and deadlines in the face of significant challenges, to apply professional knowledge and experience to meet changing circumstances…

The skillset required by today’s construction manager, or team leader, is highly prized, and not only in the building industry.

Each year, the Australian Institute of Building Awards for South Australia recognise the outstanding work being undertaken by individuals working in construction in our state.

They showcase the innovation, dedication and expertise behind the construction of some of South Australia’s most striking new building and construction projects.

The projects undertaken by this year’s nominees are no exception, and I warmly congratulate you all on your selection as finalists.

In the face of challenges such as post-COVID delays on materials, long working hours and cost pressures, you have pursued excellence at all times.

I thank the Institute’s SA Chapter for running these awards and for its commitment to representing the local industry through tireless advocacy.

As a primarily volunteer organisation, your efforts are highly commendable.

This evening’s winners will become finalists in the national Professional Excellence in Building awards, and I wish these people luck in this competition.

Last year SA was very well represented among the national winners, and I trust we can do the same this year!

I’ll conclude with the observation that as members of our construction industry, you are literally building our state’s future.

For every student who is educated within the school you built, or child who grows up in the home you constructed, or doctor who saves lives within the hospital you created, your legacy lives on every day.

Thank you for your work, and I hope you take pride in all you do.

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