Wednesday, 01 November 2023

2024 SA Australian of the Year Awards presentation

Rod and I are delighted to be with you this evening for the 2024 South Australia Australian of the Year Awards.

Congratulations not only to all the nominees, but also to those who have supported them in their endeavours. You have been there for the challenges and the triumphs, if no doubt also for the setbacks and frustrations.

When we reflect on what makes this nation great, we only have to look at the extraordinary contributions people make to building a strong, yet compassionate, and resilient society.

Because people are undoubtedly our nation’s strength - the 16 finalists here today embody that spirit of community for which Australians are renowned.

The contributions by the nominees cover a myriad endeavours, but a common thread is that all have identified a need and stepped up to make a difference.

They have worked hard, and given the generous gift of their time, expertise, and passion. Not because they have to, but because they want to.

All reflect our deeply held values of respect, equality, opportunity, and compassion.

Importantly, they make us proud and inspire us all to do better; to examine what we too can do to improve our environment or lift up others.

By any measure, the nominees have set an extremely high standard.

Yet another message of these awards is that it is within us all, no matter our backgrounds, no matter where we’ve come from, to contribute and make our community strong.

The awards give us an opportunity to say thank you to those unsung heroes who don’t seek recognition but are nonetheless thoroughly deserving of our gratitude.

In that regard, I look forward to presenting the Local Hero and the South Australian Young Australian of the Year awards shortly.

And like everyone here, I eagerly await the announcement by the Premier, a little later, of the South Australia’s Senior Australian of the Year and South Australia’s Australian of the Year.

I applaud the Australia Day Council for their stewardship of these prestigious awards.

I congratulate all the finalists and wish the winners the best of luck in the national awards.

You inspire us and show us what it means to be an exceptional Australian.

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