Monday, 25 September 2023

50th Birthday of Inner Wheel A70 District

I am delighted, as your patron, to join you at this lunch which celebrates several significant days: the 50th Birthday of Inner Wheel A70 District, Inner Wheel Friendship Day and tomorrow’s United Nations International Day of Peace.

In coming together to mark these concurrent celebrations, we know we are part of a larger, global effort which also promotes peace and friendship in local communities.

For 50 years, Inner Wheel A70 District has been bringing women together through friendship and a shared commitment to service.

We are here for each other, for others in the community, for the community that is our State and our nation, and beyond that, our global community.

I was pleased to welcome members of Inner Wheel to Government House last year and to learn more of your important work over morning tea.

Clearly, Inner Wheel has a strong presence in South Australia.

I can see how much of your work aligns with my own interest as Governor in using all opportunities to encourage and support women in the community.

While everyone here knows the Inner Wheel is a reference to a smaller wheel contained inside the original Rotary wheel, I must observe that your work as a separate organisation to Rotary has its own significant momentum.

Speaking of that commitment to serving the community, let me take this opportunity to congratulate Inner Wheel, nationally and here in South Australia, for its support of Cord Blood Research, raising over three-and-a-half million dollars over 20 years.

It is ground-breaking research, with stem cells collected used for the treatment of more than 80 diseases including genetic diseases, blood disorders, degenerative diseases, some cancers, and autoimmune disorders.

Your efforts are making a difference through support for this project, and many others over the past 50 years.

Friends, much of what you do is undertaken in the background and I observe that you do not seek prominence or accolades.

Your reward comes from the knowledge that you are changing lives and creating stronger communities.

For that, I thank you. If I can borrow from the words of then IWA President Lynne Davine recounted by Cathie Rumbelow in a recent newsletter, people like you are like gold.

On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary I congratulate the officer holders past and present of District A70 and the club’s individual members who are, and have been, the life of Inner Wheel.

I also thank the current three Ambassadors, Richard D’Andrea, Jacquie Wiley, and Katrina Webb, who is unable to be here today, for supporting Inner Wheel’s objectives.

I urge Inner Wheel to continue your wonderful work and your pursuit of new ways to grow membership, which I know is an on-going challenge for any volunteer-led organisation.

So often in South Australia we could be deemed a little too self-deprecating, perhaps even reluctant to promote our achievements.

As your Patron, I encourage you to be bold in letting others know of your magnificent contributions. Sing it from the rooftops if you will!

Next year’s celebrations of 100 years since Inner Wheel was established in the United Kingdom will be a wonderful platform to further “Shine a Light” on Inner Wheel!

But for now, happy 50th Birthday.

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