Saturday, 07 October 2023

Adelaide Sailing Club Opening Day Ceremony

Rod and I are delighted to be with you at West Beach on this glorious day, in this spectacular setting, for the opening of the Adelaide Sailing Club’s season.

We are particularly looking forward to the sail past a little later.

What a big season 2023/24 will be with not only local sailing but hosting major competitions including the 2024 ILCA Men’s World Championships and Olympic Qualifier, the ILCA Masters World Championships and the Australian National and Oceania ILCA Class championships.

It’s a huge accolade for the club to do so, which speaks volumes to your capability, the committee’s strong organisational skills, and pride in your club.

You will be bringing the eyes of the sailing world to Adelaide and South Australia and thousands of people to enjoy the club at both the elite and amateur levels.

When people love their sport, it is wonderful to see their aspirations to compete on the world stage.

This is something I love to see as patron - organisations thinking big and having the confidence to put it into action and do it well.

Rod and I have visited several sailing clubs and have always been impressed by the joy, excitement, camaraderie, and sense of anticipation that the start of the season brings.

Each club has its own identity, but all are connected by a strong sense of community and wanting to share the joy of the sea with people from all walks of life and abilities.

While my time on the water – through rowing - has been more inland than at sea, having had a keen recreational sailor for a father, I have a long-time respect for, and admiration, of sailors both amateur and professional.

So, I know the sport takes skill, quick thinking, and a respect for the elements.

There’s nothing like being on the water, skimming the surface, and letting your mind focus on being at one with the environment and your vessel.

As Governor, one of my aims is to encourage people to embrace diversity and I applaud the club for its commitment to bringing more women, young people, and people with varying abilities into the sport.

Sailing is one of a handful of sports where everyone can compete side by side, where kids can race against adults and where sailors living with disability compete against able bodied sailors.

It’s also a sport that can be enjoyed well into the golden years.

While your club is 25 years old this year, you have the tradition of more than 150 years through the founding Glenelg Sailing Club and the Holdfast Bay Yacht Clubs.

That is something to be proud of, as is being named Club of the Year for the past three seasons.

I congratulate the club on the upcoming season being your biggest ever.

Thank you to the many volunteers who are the lifeblood of the club. Your passion and commitment keep the club alive and the clubrooms “ship shape”.

I wish the club every success and declare the 2023/24 season open!

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