Thursday, 24 March 2022

Amicus Global Cocktail Party for Her Excellency the Governor

It is my great pleasure to join you this evening.

I’m honoured to be your patron and thank you for hosting this event to give me the opportunity to meet your members and learn more about your community.

Finding a way to make new connections can be a challenge in adult life, especially if you have moved to a new city or country.

This has certainly been my experience as a diplomat, living and working in several countries around the world.

I thank Dennis for his vision in creating Amicus to give people the opportunity to expand their networks in welcoming and at times entertaining settings, such as, I am told, masquerade parties and Tropicana nights!

The Amicus Global motto is ‘In Varietata Concordia Magna’ - Diversity Within a Greater Unity.

As Amicus Global members, you hail from a wide range of backgrounds.

It’s wonderful to see you coming together to meet new people, as well as make a lasting and positive contribution to the South Australian community.

As Governor, I was pleased to be able to give assent, a fortnight after I was sworn in, to the South Australian Multicultural Act 2021.

The Act includes a Parliamentary declaration recognising and acknowledging, firstly, the cultural, linguistic, racial and religious diversity of the people of South Australia and, secondly, that diversity is an asset and a valuable resource benefiting South Australia.

In the words of the legislation, it “brings richness to the South Australian community”.

Since its inception, Amicus Global has added to this richness in a variety of ways.

I commend your recent efforts to raise money for Afghan refugees living in Adelaide, with an Afghan fashion parade and auction of art works.

I note also your commitment to supporting local and emerging artists, by hosting a visual arts exhibition at the British Hotel, an old stamping ground of mine, and providing promotion and monetary support to musicians and even an acrobat!

In addition to your local work, I thank Amicus for its commitment to a range of overseas projects, reflecting your organisation’s maxim, ‘Embracing Global Interdevelopment’.

These include recent efforts to raise funds for humanitarian projects in India and Uganda.

Finally, I thank past and present Governing Councillors for their enthusiasm, dedication, and tireless efforts to bring the Amicus Global vision to life.

As your patron, I look forward to supporting your future endeavours as you work towards the advancement of interculturalism in our community and beyond.

Her Excellency the Honourable Frances Adamson AC

Governor of South Australia

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