Sunday, 30 October 2022

Annual Young Veteran’s Charity Walk Trojan’s Trek

It’s wonderful to see so many people here limbering up to take part in the annual Young Veterans’ Charity walk.

Your efforts today go towards the Trojan’s Trek program supporting young veterans returning from combat duties and first responders, enabling them to be “gentle warriors”.

From my interactions over decades with serving ADF members, veterans and emergency service personnel at the front line, I have great pride and respect for their courage and service.

From hearing their personal stories, I know that many of the mental scars arising from service are unseen by others as they are deeply locked within.

Frontline service is a tough job and the pressures to be tough and always appear to be coping are often deep seated. But that kind of stress can come at a personal cost and a cost to interactions with family and friends.

Trojan’s Trek provides a valuable a circuit breaker gained by connecting with others because they know, because they’ve been there, because there is help and because there is no shame in finding ways to overcome mental anguish.

On first meeting Moose, I was struck by his unwavering commitment to the welfare of our veterans and first responders.

It’s best summed up by a comment from one of the participants: Thanks for giving me a chance and supporting me on my journey of healing, I really don’t know where I would be in this life without the people and tools I have been gifted by Trojan’s Trek.

Thank you Moose, and thank you all for being here today and walking for a purpose!

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