Wednesday, 15 May 2024

Aspiring Australians Student Summit

I am delighted to be back at Christies Beach High School as Patron of the Australia Day Council South Australia to officially open the Aspiring Australians Student Summit.

As Governor, it has been my privilege to meet and engage with many outstanding Australians, including those who have been honoured in the Australian of the Year awards, such as the remarkable people we have here today.

While their contributions have been varied, each has demonstrated a dedication to making a positive impact on their community, local or global.

They have shown us how to pursue our passions and how to be of service. They have achieved through persistence and resilience.

They show us what is achievable when we set goals.

In the two years since Rod and I were last here, we have visited schools across the state and met many students who are active members of their local communities.

We have been inspired by you and by them.

From my previous career as a diplomat and now as Governor, I know the power of listening to others.

I believe that some of our best ideas are developed through actively listening to other people.

In this way we can all create a vibrant Australia where fairness, compassion, and opportunity flourish.

I thank the Australia Day Council of South Australia and the Department for Education for delivering this series of summits.

Thank you to the speakers for sharing your stories and insights.

To the students, I encourage you to not only listen to these inspirational Australians, but to listen widely and actively to others in your daily lives.

And wherever life takes you, never underestimate the power of your own voice.

And never underestimate the impact you can have in charting your own future and that of your community, whether at school or more widely.

I hope today will inspire you to reflect on how you can be an active and engaged citizen.

I have much pleasure in declaring the Australian Student Summit Forum open.

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