Friday, 23 February 2024

Australia Day Citizen of the Year Awards Ceremony

As a nation we are seated within an ancient landscape and ancient culture. A nation that has evolved with many faces, many voices, and many opinions.

It is one of the great attributes of our state that even in times of changing expectations and differing opinions we are able respectfully to acknowledge the past, celebrate the present and chart our future in a spirit of reconciliation.

It is my privilege as Governor to present a wide range of awards to South Australians – self-effacing, talented people who are committed to the wellbeing and advancement of our state.

Here we have a sense of community to be proud of, exemplified by a deeply rooted culture of volunteering.

We are celebrating that today.

I congratulate and thank all award recipients for giving the generous gift of your time to make our community strong.

While I know you are not motivated by the thought of recognition, please be aware this is one way your friends, peers and our wider community can say thank you.

Please be proud of what you do, because we are proud of you.

I also thank the Australia Day Council of South Australia, the Office for Women and the Multicultural Education and Languages Committee for co-ordinating these awards and enabling us to recognise such admirable people in our community.

Again, congratulations to all whose achievements reflect the very best of who we are.

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