Thursday, 21 October 2021

Australian of the Year Awards SA Presentation

It is my great pleasure to be with you this evening, to present the final two Australian of the Year awards for South Australia.

I commend the Australia Day Council nationally, and in South Australia under Peter Tsokas’ chairmanship, for its passion, dedication and commitment to celebrating outstanding citizens in our community.

South Australians are bold, talented and innovative.

You recognise a need and are willing to make a difference.

You are our inspiration and the essence of who we are as a State – everyday people doing remarkable things.

As I said when I was sworn in a fortnight ago, South Australians have a sense of community to be proud of, exemplified by a deeply rooted culture of volunteering.

And as I have seen every day since, there is also a great deal of innovative thinking and a commitment to excellence.

I am impressed by the wide range of fields and activities encompassed by this year’s finalists.

From advocacy for women, veterans, wildlife, artists and people with disability;

To cutting edge health technologies and the fundraising to support them;

The scope of your work is huge, and yet each contribution, unique though it is, shares a commitment and compassion for others.

For many of you it is about using your expertise generously, beyond the boundaries of your roles.

Some of you have overcome challenges and assisted fellow South Australians to reach their potential.

Others are tireless in your resolve to promote inclusion and opportunity.

All of you are committed to helping South Australia be the best we can be and for this you deserve our heartfelt thanks.

I do not envy the panel its job of selecting individual winners. Clearly all finalists are worthy of being selected as state winners, but only one can be chosen in each category.

I congratulate the award winners announced by the Premier: Monique Bareham - Australia’s Local Hero, and

Dr Trudy Lin - Young Australian of the Year.

These accolades are very much deserved.

I wish you and the winners of the about-to-be-announced awards, which I look forward to presenting in a moment, the very best at the national awards.

Her Excellency the Honourable Frances Adamson AC


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