Sunday, 22 October 2023

Bay to Birdwood Finish Festival

It is a great pleasure for Rod and I, as joint patrons of the Bay to Birdwood, to be at the National Motor Museum for the Finish Festival.

I welcome all of our participants and guests to Birdwood, especially those who have travelled from country areas or from interstate to be here today.

Shortly it will be my pleasure to present, among other awards, the trophy for the Concours d’Elegance.

In doing so, I will be following proudly in the footsteps of my mother, the Hon Jennifer Cashmore, who, as Minister for Tourism, made the presentation at the inaugural Bay to Birdwood in 1980.

I am also delighted to be presenting the EV Conversion award, a welcome sign of the times.

While this ceremony will recognise the winners of today’s events, I warmly congratulate all participants who have taken part, and I thank everyone who has come along to the Finish Festival.

It is wonderful to see such a vibrant and celebratory atmosphere this afternoon, with local Hills food and wine, retail and trade displays, music, and the popular “Fashions on the Field” competition.

To see vehicles across the decades of South Australian history, along with their owners dressed in the fashions of the day, is a unique experience.

We really have the history of motoring in front of us today!

As South Australians we can all be proud of the Bay to Birdwood, which enjoys a strong reputation as one of the world’s great historic motoring events.

We can also be proud of the level of community support it generates, with thousands lining the roads to cheer on participants.

As many of you know, our state has the highest per capita rate of ownership of historic vehicles in the nation.

The advantage of having the National Motor Museum in the Adelaide Hills, along with a well-established restoration regime, has certainly helped to make the Bay to Birdwood a success over the years.

At the heart of this success, as well, is you – the participants.

Taking part in the Bay to Birdwood is a significant commitment.

It takes countless hours to restore and then maintain the historic vehicles here today, which have been buffed and shined to perfection.

Speaking of which, the museum is home, incidentally, to the former Vice Regal Rolls Royce, if you are interested in taking a look!

I should say, by the way, that my current vehicle is a Lexus LS500 Hybrid, which is also a sign of the times.

I congratulate all of our participants for their passion and dedication, and for being part of making the Bay to Birdwood an iconic event.

I also thank the passengers for coming along for the ride today, and for their support of our entrants.


There is a saying you may have heard: “Hobby is buying a new car, and passion is keeping an old one running”.

May the Bay to Birdwood grow stronger every year, keeping our love of classic cars alive for many generations to come.

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