Tuesday, 08 March 2022

Breakfast for International Women’s Day

It’s Rod’s and my pleasure to welcome everyone to the first International Women’s Day Breakfast at Government House.

I trust you will enjoy meeting new people and have some interesting conversations.

As Governor, and a beneficiary of the passage of the Sex Discrimination Act in 1984, gender equality is one of my five key priorities. I look forward to working with you to this end over the next five years.

I first hosted a breakfast like this when I was head of post in Taipei twenty years ago.

Since then, as now, the breakfast has been about women coming together in solidarity – to share stories and experiences, to learn from a speaker who we know and admire, and to inspire one another.

It’s about recognising there is still work to be done, and leaving with a sense of solidarity and disposition towards action – and then acting.

It’s also about offering each other practical support, and I hope today you glean some knowledge or advice that is useful.

As we enjoy each other’s company and the chance to be together, we think also of the women and girls of Ukraine, who are enduring unimaginable suffering and loss as their country fights for its very life following the Russian invasion.

I’ll be back shortly to give Annabel Crabb a proper introduction.

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