Saturday, 28 January 2023

Chinatown Adelaide Lunar New Year Street Party

It is Rod’s and my pleasure to join you today for the Chinatown Adelaide Street Party to mark the Lunar New Year.

It’s wonderful to see the return of this event in support of our multicultural community, as well as the return of international students to our city.

In 2023 we say goodbye to the Year of the Tiger, which embodied strength, vitality and restlessness, and welcome The Year of the Rabbit.

The rabbit is the gentlest of the 12 zodiac animals, representing peaceful and patient energy.

After the challenges of the last few years, this is most welcome!

The water element represents tapping into inner wisdom and trusting instincts, so together, the Water Rabbit represents a strong focus on relationships, diplomacy, and building bridges in professional and personal relationships.

As Governor, and as a former diplomat, I look forward to drawing on these energies in my work this year in support of our state.

Rod and I have many fond memories of celebrating the Lunar New Year in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China and we are very pleased to continue this tradition in South Australia, and in particular at today’s street party.

There’s no doubt the longevity and growing popularity of the Chinatown Adelaide Lunar New Year Party is testament to the vision and hard work of Chinatown Adelaide over many years.

I thank the organisation’s president, Tianbo Zhang, and committee members for bringing together today’s event, as well as long term event partners and supporters, and I thank you all sincerely for your contributions.

Congratulations Chinatown Adelaide on celebrating the twentieth Lunar New Year Street Party in 2023.

Happy new year and I wish everyone a wonderful evening!


Kung Hei Fat Choi!

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