Monday, 29 August 2022

City of Adelaide End of Term Dinner

Rod and I are delighted to join you at this end of term dinner.

As with the “end of term” of any description, there is always a disposition to reflect on what has been achieved and obstacles which have been overcome, to thank those on whom one has relied and, for those intending to return, to consider the further opportunities and challenges which might lie ahead. I am sure we will hear more on those themes from the Lord Mayor shortly

Over the past 10 months that I have served as Governor it has been a delight to continue the warm and enduring relationship that has been forged between the Adelaide City Council and Government House.

This bond was evident during the past four years of the council, which co-incided with the last three years of the term of my predecessor The Hon Hieu Van Le.

I know he was appreciative of the role that the Adelaide City Council played in bringing to fruition the Vietnamese Boat People Monument on the banks of the Torrens not far from Government House.

And he was touched that the Lord Mayor personally donated to the appeal for the statue of Queen Elizabeth that now has pride of place in the gardens outside the morning room that was recently renamed in her honour.

Since then, I have been pleased to stand alongside the Lord Mayor and councillors at many events in the life of the City of Adelaide.

Solemn events where we remember our fallen and honour our veterans.

Events which mark the passage of the year.

Exuberant events in Adelaide’s sporting and cultural life.

Community events which enable our many generous volunteers and those they support to take centre stage.

Business events.

Events which mark further steps in the journey towards reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.

Events, such as the unveiling of the portrait of South Australia’s first female Governor, Dame Roma Mitchell, which acknowledge the important role of women in our civic life.

Diplomatic events like the one in which we welcomed a delegation from our sister city Christchurch to mark the 50th Anniversary of the relationship.

On all these occasions your commitment and dedication to the community has been evident.

It takes a special person to put themselves forward to serve and strengthen our democratic institutions, particularly as these roles attract intense media scrutiny, the sometimes strident opinions of the public through social media, and high expectations of integrity and personal conduct more broadly.

Thank you for taking up the challenge!

I am mindful that it is also important tonight to honour the partners and families who support you.

I know from my own experience it is impossible to undertake demanding roles without support.

Rod and I thank the partners who are here and the wider families for their understanding.

It is important to have someone there to celebrate the wins and provide solace for the disappointments.


The Adelaide City Council long has had an important role in nurturing the soul, vitality and development of our capital city.

Thank you all for the role you have played in that during your term.

Rod and I look forward to your company over dinner and wish you all the best for the future.

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