Wednesday, 03 July 2024

Dinner to acknowledge Dr James Muecke

It’s my pleasure to host this dinner in honour of Dr James Muecke, to celebrate his contribution to Government House and to our state as Lieutenant Governor from January 2022 to February 2024.

Dr Muecke came to the role as a distinguished South Australian.

An accomplished eye specialist and former surgeon, founder of Sight for All, public health advocate and former Australian of the Year, Dr Muecke was, and is, a highly respected leader of our community.

To this role he has brought skills and knowledge acquired over many years of intense and challenging work.

By this I am, of course, not referring to his medical expertise, which is substantial.

I refer to the considerable attributes required to build relationship with patients, to found and grow an international aid organisation, and to advocate for personal and systemic health reform.

These skills – of building trust, of communicating in a clear and inspiring way, and of providing a strong figure of leadership – have been an asset to the vice regal role.

As Lieutenant Governor, and acting as Administrator and Governor’s Deputy, Dr Muecke performed a variety of tasks during his two years in office.

I thank him for undertaking all the ‘three Cs’ through various engagements:

The constitutional duty of Executive Council meetings;

The ceremonial duty of laying wreaths at commemorative services;

And the community duties of speaking at community events and hosting receptions at Government House.

James, I am grateful to you for juggling your busy schedule, including significant time overseas, to undertake these engagements.

I have no doubt the individuals and organisations involved in these events appreciated your presence and contributions.

Thank you sincerely for your service to South Australia and I wish you all the very best for your current work and for the future.

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