Wednesday, 08 November 2023

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards Presentation

As Patron, I am delighted to be presenting this afternoon Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards to 50 outstanding young people.

Congratulations to the Gold Awardees on their achievements.

This scheme was dear to the late Duke of Edinburgh in encouraging and developing youth since 1956. His son, the now Duke of Edinburgh, a Gold Award recipient himself, is enthusiastically carrying his father’s legacy forward.

South Australian recipients are part of the International Award which has seen more than 775,000 young Australians undertake the award and each year 40,000 participate in activities contributing to the award.

I know many awardees have discovered a sense of adventure and of your own possibilities and gave gained strength and confidence.

You have pushed limits, immersed yourselves in unfamiliar environments, overcome challenges, given back to the community, and made valuable contributions.

Through volunteering you not only help others, but gain much for yourselves. I hope volunteering will always be part of who you are.

At the core of your participation has been developing leadership.

At the heart of leadership, in my experience at least, is the ability actively to listen to others, share expertise, encourage others and embrace diversity.

I encourage each of you to remain involved through the National Alumni.

Achievement isn’t a solitary pursuit. There are many who offer support, congratulations, or solace when times are tough.

I thank those who have provided leadership to grow the Award in South Australia. Thank you to award leaders, ambassadors, parents, friends, teachers, school and youth leaders and supporters.

Through the Duke of Edinburgh Awards our young people gain skills to prepare for an ever changing and complex world.

You can be confident you are building a firm foundation for the future.


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