Thursday, 30 November 2023

GLF Graduation Ceremony

Congratulations to you all on completing the Governor’s Leadership Foundation program.

I am pleased to join you for this first part of your graduation ceremony, although I will have to leave the presentation of awards in the capable hands of the Leaders Institute, as this evening Rod and I will be attending the funeral of Police Commissioner Grant Stevens’ son, Charlie.

As we celebrate leadership at this ceremony, may we keep in mind Commissioner Stevens, who has shown extraordinary leadership of South Australia’s police force during times of community crisis, in particular during the pandemic and on the issue of our road toll.

He is in our thoughts and prayers now, as he faces his own personal crisis.


As patron of the Leaders Institute it was my pleasure to welcome you to Government House this year, hosting a reception and later sharing some of my own career and learnings with you.

I trust you found these to be productive and enjoyable occasions.

As Governor I am committed to nurturing and encouraging South Australians, of all ages and backgrounds, who display leadership potential.

As our world grapples with geopolitical tensions, climate change and other issues, leadership has never been more important.

The role of leaders, and the impacts of their decisions and choices, has never been more apparent.

To navigate these challenges, we need leaders with vision, humanity, integrity and initiative; inclusive leaders who listen and are generous.

For over two decades, the Governor’s Leadership Foundation Program – and its alumni – have contributed to fostering a strong culture of innovative and dynamic leadership in South Australia, with positive impacts beyond our borders.

Having travelled this year to the UK, Hong Kong, Korea and Malaysia, I am encouraged by the close bilateral relationships South Australia has in trade, investment, defence and education and our people to people ties.

We have much to be proud of, and much to share with the world, leading the way in tech and innovation through Lot 14, the Australian Space Agency, Adelaide Biomedical Precinct, Tonsley Innovation district and other initiatives.

Our strengths in areas such as renewable energy, medical research, the arts, defence and space industries, wine and agriculture, and education, can be enhanced by incisive leadership, a global perspective and on-going commitment to relationship building.

I encourage you all to be bold leaders who continue to think and act outside the square, and for the broader benefit of our community and our state.

To the Board and staff of the Leaders Institute, I thank you sincerely for your vision and stewardship of the Governor’s Leadership Foundation, as well as your other initiatives.

To the graduands, congratulations once again on successfully completing the program.

It must have been challenging to undertake such an intense and immersive program combined with what I imagine for most of you includes work, family and community commitments.

I thank you family, friends and work colleagues who have supported you throughout.

At the Government House reception earlier this year, I recounted the special dynamic I had seen develop among GLF cohorts of years past.

I hope you have developed many close connections as part of this experience; trusted friends with whom you can share your career and leadership journey as it progresses.

I wish you all the best for the future as you implement what you have learned about yourself and your leadership, and as you use your collective power as leaders to work for the benefit of South

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