Monday, 06 February 2023

IB Diploma Ceremony

It’s my great pleasure to be with you today for the 2022 International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Awards Ceremony.

Congratulations to all graduates of the IB Diploma program, and in particular, to the award recipients here this evening.

Whether you are receiving a Certificate of Merit, a Certificate of Distinction, a Certificate of Creativity, Activity and Service, or one of the Governor’s awards – you deserve to feel immensely proud of your achievement.

The IB Diploma is a rigorous program with great depth and breadth, and undertaking it requires a significant commitment on the part of students.

Our four now adult children all undertook one or more IB programs during their schooling, so my husband, Rod, and I have witnessed first-hand the demands they place on students.

We have also seen how well IB study prepares students for further education, whatever form that may take, and for life.

From critical and creative thinking, the ability to drive their own learning and heightened cultural awareness, the IB gives students the confidence to think of themselves as global citizens.

It equips them with the skills and knowledge to shape their own future and empowers them to act in service to their communities.

As a former diplomat and now as Governor of South Australia, I appreciate the diploma’s global focus and exploration of intercultural understanding and respect.

This is crucial, should you wish to play a role in supporting Australia to form meaningful and productive ties with other nations.

For many of you here this evening, I am sure your completion of the IB will lead to further study, whether here or overseas, or perhaps to work experience overseas, including through Australia’s growing network of working holiday agreements.

But right now, for most of you, I am equally sure that the focus is on the end of school and beginning the rest of your life.

It’s an exciting and somewhat daunting prospect.

You may have a sense that school is one thing, a big thing certainly, and soon you will come to appreciate that university, or learning a trade, and employment can be something else, often something bigger and more challenging.

Just when you thought you had passed a huge test with flying colours, you discover there are further, larger tests.

Academic tests, tests of character, tests of stamina and nerve, moments of decision and indecision.

Sometimes, defining moments.

As Governor, one of my priorities is to encourage South Australia’s leaders and future leaders in all fields and in all parts of the state.

As award winners, you have already shown yourselves to be leaders.

You know what it feels like to be successful. Perhaps even more usefully for life and leadership, some of you will also know what it feels like to have failed, or not done as well as you might have hoped.

But to be here tonight proves you have demonstrated resilience and resourcefulness and I hope you will be confident in your ability to draw on these qualities again when you need them.

Through your completion of your CAS Projects – Community, Activity, Service – many of you will also have discovered the deep sense of satisfaction which comes from serving your schools and your communities.

I will be surprised if this does not shape, at some level, your future choices and careers, as it did mine.

I know you know how to support each other and to give generously to those who need your help – and I encourage you to continue helping and supporting your peers as you embark on your post-school lives together.

Achieving excellence in the IB Diploma requires dedication and commitment from students, as well as their teachers and schools, and I thank your school communities for assisting you to reach your potential through this program.

I thank your families for their support as well.

I wish all graduates here this evening the very best for the future, as adults, as South Australians and as global citizens.

May you achieve everything in life that you hope for, and in doing so, contribute to the prosperity, vibrancy and reputation of our state, and help create a better and more peaceful world.

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