Thursday, 23 November 2023

Kangaroo Inn Area School presentation night

It is Rod’s and my great pleasure to be with you here at Kangaroo Inn Area School for your annual awards night.

Tonight, we come together in a double celebration – the recognition of outstanding student achievement, and a celebration of 60 years of public education at Kangaroo Inn.

Congratulations everyone on your achievements!

Tonight’s ceremony speaks to the hard work and determination displayed by each of you.

Whether it is in schoolwork, sport, arts, or sustainability, you show that success is not just about individual accomplishments, but the collective effort of a supportive community.

It is truly an honour to reflect on your school’s history and legacy, beginning with the commencement of classes 60 years ago in 1963.

The official opening by the Governor, Lieutenant-General Sir Edric Bastyan, occurring little later in 196.

It is truly an honour to reflect on your school’s legacy - a legacy that started 60 years ago when it was officially opened by my predecessor, former Governor Sir Edric Bastyan.

Kangaroo Inn Area School, like so many rural schools that Rod and I have had the chance to visit across the state, offers unique opportunities to students.

Rod and I were impressed to hear about the activities at the Centre for Sustainable Living, particularly the vegetable farm, vineyard, and reticulating fish farm!

As patron of Foodbank, I was particularly pleased to hear about your long-running Food Drive for Foodbank Mount Gambier, which helps local families in need.

Your school is also part of a close-knit community that contributes to making the South East, and the world, a better place.

The benefits extend far beyond the academic and help you to become active citizens, who are not only prepared for the challenges of today, but are equipped to contribute meaningfully to the world tomorrow.

Kangaroo Inn graduates have become trailblazers and leaders in their respective fields, whether in medicine, law, science, engineering, teaching, or industry.

Their achievements are testament to the school’s long-standing commitment to nurturing the potential within each student, and its motto: “Strive for Life”.

Shortly, we will celebrate the exceptional achievements of current students, from Reception through to Year 12, as well as the transition of Year 6 students to High School next year.

To the Year 6 students, let me say you are at the threshold of a new chapter in your academic journey.

As you transition to the next stage of your education.

I hope you will carry with you the enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to excellence that has brought you to this moment.

To the Year 12 students, as you step into the broader world, remember the foundations laid at Kangaroo Inn and the support of your community.

I thank the teachers, support staff, volunteers, and others who have contributed to the success of Kangaroo Inn Area School and its students for six decades.

I also thank parents, families, and friends for your encouragement in the school’s success.

Your role reinforces the idea that education is a collaborative effort.

Congratulations to all students and may your achievements tonight be the first of many as you strive for life.

I wish everyone an enjoyable Christmas break and a wonderful 2024.

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