Thursday, 07 April 2022

Launch of Inparrila

I am pleased to be here for the official opening of the Inparrila Philanthropic Hub.

Today we come together in this location in the spirit of Inparrila – a meeting place – and a place where we have much to learn from the First Australians.

This hub brings together people and organisations who share a common goal, common values and a common vision - to build stronger communities by tackling inequality and hardship.

On returning home last year to become Governor, I was immediately reminded of the warmth and care that people give to others here, the can-do attitude that abounds, the determination to get things done.

There’s something about South Australians that enables us to recognise a need, to work together, reach out to others and achieve great things.

The generosity of spirit alongside the generosity of giving.

Call it our superpower if you will!

As I remarked in my Swearing‑In speech, South Australians have a sense of community of which to be proud.

It has been part of who we are for a long time.

The Wyatt Trust is a shining example.

As many of you know, the Trust is named after Dr William Wyatt, an English settler who arrived here in 1837.

With no surviving heirs, he used the funds he had derived from land to establish a trust for the benefit of his fellow South Australians, many of whom he had witnessed struggle with adversity and poverty.

It takes a special person to use their good fortune to help others; and we are fortunate that there are other such people with us today.

My husband Rod and I stand ready to work with you and your organisations, to support and promote your achievements.

When I met Jack Heath and Kay Burton from Philanthropy Australia recently, I was taken with their forward vision, which I know many other organisations share.

I congratulate the Wyatt Trust for creating the first philanthropy hub in South Australia and the organisations that are the first partners, the early adopters.

I am sure you will be joined by others, bringing still greater strength.

In my career as a diplomat, I was regularly struck by how collaboration, innovation and listening to diverse viewpoints not only brought people closer together, but ultimately produced better outcomes for all.

Not only on the world stage, but within communities.

By breaking down silos, and leveraging the skills and expertise of others, we can achieve much.

May the spirit of Inparilla - of meeting together – make this a vibrant place to work, gather and share, and thereby bring benefit to our community.

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