Sunday, 02 June 2024

Lighthouse Disability 35th Birthday Morning Tea

Rod and I are pleased to join you here today.

Happy birthday to Lighthouse Disability and congratulations on reaching 35 years.

As joint patrons, Rod and I are very proud of your work and of how far the organisation has come, since its founding by a group of dedicated parents who had a vision for how their children could thrive and live more independently.

While the composition of your board has transformed over time, transitioning from family members to skill-based business leaders, Lighthouse remains deeply connected with its roots.

Together with your dedicated staff, you continue to deliver a service that people can depend on.

Last November Rod and I attended the reopening of the newly renovated Lighthouse Disability Supported Living Facility at Rome Street, Craigmore.

The renovations, while excellent, were so much more than bricks and mortar.

They reflected Lighthouse Disability’s mission to ensure the comfort, safety and well-being of every client.

On the day we met residents Brett, Steve and Andrew as well as their family members.

It’s great to see Brett and Steve here this morning.

Brett had lived at Rome Street previously, while Steven had recently moved in and Andrew was a new client in the process of moving in.

They knew each other from Lighthouse’s day group activities they had attended over the years.

Seeing Lighthouse clients in a home they and their families had chosen, feeling safe and cared for, was the best demonstration Rod and I could have, as patrons, of your organisation’s success.

Many of Lighthouse’s founding clients and their families, some of whom are also here today, have remained part of this community throughout the years.

Your continued presence speaks volumes about the quality of support and trust that you have consistently provided.

Over the past 35 years, Lighthouse has evolved significantly.

Rod and I thank members of the board and staff, past and present, for steering your organisation with great care and vision over the decades, navigating the expansion of your facilities, the introduction of the NDIS, and a multitude of other challenges and opportunities.

At all times you have remained steadfast in your mission to listen and learn from people with a disability, their families and support networks so that individual needs could be met.

Congratulations to the entire Lighthouse community on reaching this important birthday and milestone.

We wish you all the very best for the future as you continue to empower South Australians with complex needs, and their families, with the choice and care they deserve.

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