Saturday, 11 February 2023

Lions Club of Mount Gambier 60th Anniversary

It is Rod, our daughter Sophie’s and my great pleasure to join you this evening to celebrate, almost to the day, the 60th anniversary of the Lions Club of Mount Gambier.

One of the many joys of my role as Governor is learning about the service that goes on each day across South Australia.

On my visit to the South East in December 2021, I observed a very active voluntary community, particularly in Mount Gambier.

The regularity with which I see recipients in the Order of Australia with “Mount Gambier” as their address, is remarkable.

In fact, tonight we are joined by at least six members of the Lions Club of Mount Gambier who have been recognised in the Order of Australia.

That fact speaks to the strength of your community, your volunteer culture and importantly, your Lions Club.

Lions International has a dynamic history, built around founder Melvin Jones’ famous saying: “You can’t get very far until you start doing something for somebody else”.

There has been much done by your members and your club in the spirit of that guiding principle, especially in the areas of civic advancement, health and welfare initiatives, and disaster relief.

For 60 years, you have enhanced the vitality of your community through projects such as the restoration of Pioneer Park and Englebrecht Caves, and the construction of lookouts, including the Blue Lake Lookout.

Through programs such as the Youth of the Year and Lions Mad Minute, you provide Mount Gambier’s young people with opportunities to build confidence and share ideas.

In times of disaster – fire, flood or pandemic – your club continues to bring new ideas and enthusiasm to recovery efforts, whether it be through funds or materials.

All of this is only a small snapshot of the significant work that your club has undertaken over many decades to make Mount Gambier and our nation a better place.

However, the service that you perform reaches beyond these direct beneficiaries to encompass not only Australia, but communities across the world.

Through your pre-loved prescription glasses drive, you have helped give the gift of vision to thousands of people in developing countries.

Thank you to the presidents, committee members and members of the Lions Club of Mount Gambier for all that you have done and continue to do, and the generosity of spirit in which you do it.

I pay tribute past members who have guided the Lion’s contribution to the Mount Gambier and district community over the past 60 years.

May the next 60 years continue to reflect the dedication that each of you – and those who came before you – have made to building a better Mount Gambier, a better South Australia, and a better world.

I invite you to join me in a toast to the Lions Club of Mount Gambier.

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