Wednesday, 03 July 2024

Morning Tea for Illuminate Adelaide artists

I warmly welcome you all to Government House.

This morning we gather to celebrate the local, national and international artists whose work is part of Illuminate Adelaide.

I thank those of you who travelled long distances to be here today.

Illuminate Adelaide is a South Australian success story: launched during a pandemic, and now only in its fourth year, the festival has cemented itself as a major winter event for South Australia.

Last year, the festival celebrated 1.3 million attendances across free and ticketed events, and this is predicted to increase in 2024.

A huge part of the festival’s popularity is driven by the quality of the artistic works on offer – and that is thanks to you, the world-class artists whose installations bring our streets and spaces to life.

Through my engagement with Illuminate Adelaide, I have seen how the artistic use of lighting can change our perspective and experience of places dramatically.

I have no doubt that countless other South Australians have been similarly inspired during the festival.

This year Government House is proud to partner with Illuminate for the second time as part of the City Lights program, which features the work of several artists here today.

It was delightful last year to see South Australians of all ages and backgrounds – decked out in their winter coats, scarves and beanies – exploring the City Lights installations along North Terrace and elsewhere in the city.

This year Government House is delighted to host Filip Roca’s work ‘Time’, with sound by Zarko Komar, which is sure to brings tens of thousands of people into our grounds.

Rod and I want Government House and its gardens to be a place for all South Australians and your work will help us get that message out.

Filip, thank you for adapting Time for the house’s facade – your projection is going to look spectacular.

To the artists here today, thank you for choosing to work with Illuminate and the City of Adelaide.

Your talents are going to bring great joy, excitement and even intrigue to South Australians over the next few weeks.

I also thank Co Directors Rachael Azzopardi and Lee Cumberlidge, and the entire Illuminate Adelaide team, for bringing this year’s event to life.

The festival you have created is not only a highlight for South Australians in the cold and dark winter months, it is a key feature of our city’s cultural life, deepening our reputation for artistic excellence, innovation and lifestyle.

I wish Illuminate and its artists all the very best for the 2024 festival.

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