Friday, 13 October 2023

#MyLifeChoices Disability, Ageing and Lifestyle Expo

As joint patrons of Catalyst Foundation, Rod and I are delighted to be with you at the networking breakfast for the #MyLifeChoices Disability, Ageing and Lifestyle Expo.

The need for information about the services available for this important sector is reflected by the fact that this two-day event is the biggest of its kind in the State.

I thank the more than 23 providers for assisting with the task of helping people navigate the disability and ageing sectors by having a presence at the Expo.

For many families, this quest for information often comes at a stressful time, as they weigh up all the options for themselves or their loved ones.

It’s not always easy for people to find out what’s available, what support systems can be accessed and what’s new.

As I know from personal experience, what’s new can sometimes make a real difference. To a close relative, the discovery of a straw with a valve has made it markedly easier to maintain hydration.

We all know it can be exhausting trying to find information at the right time that meets pressing needs.

Anything that can help make sense of the myriad services, aides, training, support and help in navigating the paperwork, rules, and at times bureaucracy is always welcomed.

I was heartened to learn that in the past 12 months, Catalyst has supported 16,500 South Australians to obtain information and navigate aged care, disability, health, and housing options.

Alongside that, more than 285,000 visits to the Catalyst foundation website have provided information on services or helped people to understand eligibility.

I commend Catalyst’s work across various community needs, among them: the LGBTIQA+ young community through the Proudly Safe SA website, multicultural aged care, engaging people with digital technology and communications, staging expos in regional areas and facilitating the Women 45 Collaborative program to help women 45 and over become self-employed or sole traders.

In my role as Governor, and previously as a diplomat, I have much regard for people being afforded the opportunity to speak to each other, interact and find solutions together.

South Australia is a caring community. We reach out to the vulnerable, we look out for our neighbours, we lend a hand.

In all your roles, you are supporting that caring community, and making it stronger. Thank you for doing so.

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