Tuesday, 21 November 2023

Novita Client Achievement Awards Presentation and Supporters Thank You event

Rod and I are delighted to be with you at the Novita Client Achievement Awards and Supporters Thank you event.

Today we come together to celebrate the milestones achieved and the challenges that have been overcome.

Congratulations to the award winners. Your determination, resilience and spirit of accomplishment inspires us.

Every day Novita clients achieve amazing things as they work towards their goals, whatever they may be.

I saw this in action when I had the pleasure of volunteering in the Novita Tech Hindmarsh Retail Store cafe.

There, I worked alongside a young man who was focused on making the best cup of coffee he could, and a young woman who jumped with joy when the Brownies she had so carefully made came out of the oven.

They did their tasks in their own time, in their own way, to make sure they did them well.

The shy, but joyful smiles they beamed at me when I told them they had done a great job, touched my heart.

Those proud smiles happen often and are at the heart of Novita:

  • The smile when a child with cerebral palsy masters dance steps through occupational therapy and eventually performs on stage.
  • The smile of a parent or guardian when a non-verbal child diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder and global development delay, can say several words and is progressing with basic life skills.
  • The smile of carers when a young adult has harnessed technology to communicate his or her needs.

To the 11 recipients of the Client Achievement Awards, well done. You are awesome!

You have harnessed your inner strengths. Your tenacity has enabled you to succeed.

I know it hasn’t always been easy. Sometimes there have been frustrations, but your inner spirit has enabled you to strive to the best of your abilities and achieve personal milestones.

And I hope that you will be able to dig deep to draw on those strengths wherever your life journey takes you from here.

Behind you have been family and friends. I thank them for their encouragement and being there to provide love and support.

There are many others to thank: the staff and auxiliary members whose expertise and commitment has guided every step forward for Novita Clients, the generous donors and supporters who are the lifeblood of Novita.

I know many of you have helped shape the success of Novita for many years.

For more than 80 years, Novita has strived to find new solutions, expanded its services and reach.

It has built understanding and inclusion of people living with disability to help make our State a caring and inclusive community.

In that way Novita helps ensure everyone can live their best life.

Congratulations everyone on being part of the Novita story and giving us so many reasons to smile today.

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