Thursday, 19 January 2023

Officially Open the 2023 Brighton Jetty Sculptures

Rod and I are delighted to join you this beautiful evening for the Official Launch of the 2023 Brighton Jetty Sculptures.

While this is Rod’s and my first time here, we know that the Sculptures are a much loved and eagerly awaited part of Adelaide’s summer activities. I heard Peter Goers saying as much on radio last night.

The Brighton Jetty Sculptures event brings together in a tangible way our arts, our environment and our community in a 12-day festival.

For artists, it provides an expansive open-air canvas on which to exhibit works to a 150,000 strong audience, and for visitors to appreciate the talents on display - the whimsy, the sheer artistry and the sparking of ideas that the works provoke.

It is a credit to the Brighton Surf Lifesaving Club to have grown the event from 34 sculptures by 14 artists 16 years ago, to one that this year has attracted 160 exhibits -100 indoor and 60 outdoor – produced by 100 artists.

I thank the Club and I also thank the many sponsors who have ensured the longevity of the Brighton Jetty Sculptures event.

I know its success is the result of much hard work, dedication and generosity of spirit by the committee members and other volunteers.

Congratulations and thank you for your commitment to the community.

This event not only contributes intangibly to the vibrancy of the Brighton area and local businesses, but tangibly too, in that part of the proceeds of the sales of the sculptures are invested in the vital work of the Brighton Surf Life Saving Club, with more than $250,000 raised over the lifetime of the event.

In that way, the club’s mission of the past 90 years to keep beach goers safe is enhanced. Long may it continue.

Again, congratulations to all those involved in staging this magnificent event. It gives me great pleasure to declare the 2023 Brighton Jetty Sculptures exhibition open.

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