Friday, 09 February 2024

Opening Flinders University City Campus

It is my pleasure to join you for the opening of Flinders University’s new city campus.

From Government House, Rod and I have watched Festival Plaza construction take place at impressive speed.

The city campus is central to this vibrant new precinct, creating a strong presence for the university on North Terrace, the historic heart of tertiary education in South Australia.

This new campus is also the state’s most contemporary learning space, now ready to welcome students on their journeys to becoming South Australia’s next generation of leaders in law, business, arts, health, technology and more.


As Governor I am proud of our state’s higher education sector.

Flinders exemplifies how and why the higher education sector is essential to South Australia’s economic and social wellbeing.

Our state’s universities foster the skills and knowledge necessary for SA’s economic transformation.

They also contribute directly by making our state a destination of choice for students from across Australia and overseas.

In addition to some 2,500 students from regional and remote areas, Flinders attracts external talent to South Australia.

This includes more than 3,000 students from interstate and 5,400 international students choosing Flinders University as their place of study.

As a diplomat I experienced firsthand how the soft power of tertiary education, with its exchange of students, research and ideas, can play an influential role in deepening links between regions.

I am grateful to Flinders University for its contribution to building South Australia’s strong international reputation for quality higher education while maintaining our deep connection to local students, industry and businesses.

It has a bold vision – to be internationally recognised as a world leader in research, an innovator in contemporary education and the source of Australia’s most enterprising graduates.

I congratulate Flinders on its consistently high ranking for student experience, testament to its authentic focus on student success.

Flinders’ growing network of industry collaborations also provides valuable workplace experience for students, enabling them to develop the contemporary skills that will see them succeed in the knowledge economy.

I congratulate Flinders on the growth of its research capabilities in recent times.

Total annual income from research grants and contracts increasing by more than 140% in just five years, an exceptional achievement.

Congratulations to the university board and executive team on the launch of the Festival Plaza campus.

I wish Flinders every success for the future, and may the creation of this new campus bring you one step further to your ambitious goal of entering the top one percent of universities in the world.

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