Tuesday, 28 May 2024

Presentation of the Duke of Gloucester Cup

It is Rod’s and my pleasure to be with you today. It is a day of celebration that is much deserved.

I am delighted to present the Duke of Gloucester Cup to HMAS Rankin, the fourth occasion that Rankin has been awarded this prestigious Cup.

As you know, the award was created by a former Governor-General, the Duke of Gloucester, in 1946, to recognise excellence in all aspects of operations, safety, discipline, morale, reliability, and training in each of the three Defence arms.

In your case, it is awarded to the Royal Australian Navy unit that has demonstrated the highest level of overall proficiency.

You have had a remarkable year, also having been awarded the Platypus Cup and, jointly, the Voyager Trophy. Each is a testament to your competence, professionalism and dedication.

Bravo Zulu!

Crew, I thank you for your dedication and resolve, for your service to your nation and commitment to its defence.

Through working with defence personnel throughout my career, I know of the sacrifices that you make, as do your families.

Rankin has shown a willingness to take on short notice tasks and has performed to a consistently high standard, successfully conducting a range of activities throughout the region in support of Australian Defence Force Exercises from your base in Western Australia.

Here in South Australia, we pride ourselves on being the Defence State (our national interest may well require there be more than one!), and we look forward with confidence and anticipation to meeting the industry and community needs, both nationally and locally, of the SSN-AUKUS project.

In taking on that task, we will be continuing our tradition of building the nation’s defence here at Osborne, as we did with the Collins Class, of which Rankin was the last of six to enter service.


I hope you will display the gold star on the Rankin’s turret with great pride as you live up to your motto and “Defend the Weak.”

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