Friday, 26 August 2022

Presentation of uniforms to Special Olympians

Welcome to Government House.

For some of you this is a welcome back, after attending the Law Enforcement Torch Run event last December.

Unfortunately I had Covid and could not be present, but I could hear the festivities from isolation upstairs and was cheering you on!

It is therefore a particular pleasure to host our Special Olympians for their National Games uniform presentation today.

The October games are fast approaching and excitement is building.

I’m sure too that you and your families were inspired by our athletes at the recent Commonwealth Games, and I imagine you will all be training very hard at the moment.

I admire your dedication and commitment to your chosen sports.

Many of you would like to bring home a medal from the National Games, or achieve a personal best.

This is an admirable goal, and one which I encourage, but I also encourage you to have fun and to enjoy participating.

The chance to visit a new city, to bond with your teammates, and to meet other athletes from around Australia is very special, and you should make the most of it.

I want to say too that representing your state is an honour.

I still have my state rowing uniform from 1984!

I have no doubt you will make all South Australians very proud.

As we are all aware, no athlete, no matter how hard they train, achieves success on their own.

It takes great coaches, the support of family and friends, and often sponsors, to make dreams come true, and I thank all these people.

I thank the staff and volunteers of Special Olympics South Australia for bringing awareness of the achievements and abilities of all people with disability.

I also thank the Law Enforcement Torch Run participants here today for the fundraising they do for the Special Olympics, and their in-person support on days like today.

Your efforts to promote inclusivity in our community, and to help our athletes reach their potential, is admirable.

To all of our athletes, congratulations on being chosen as part of Team SA.

I wish you every success at the National Games!

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