Monday, 09 January 2023

Reception for 2023 Interstate Invitational Bowling Club Tournament

Rod and I warmly welcome you to Government House, I as the proud patron of the South Australian Parliamentary Bowling Club and Rod as Patron of Bowls SA, a sports lover and physicist, all of which predisposes him to an interest in your sport.

This morning it was my honour to roll the first ball at Glenelg, and I hope you all had a very enjoyable first day of competition.

I expressed my pleasure that this tournament gives parliamentarians from across Australia, and across party lines, the rare opportunity to come together and get to know each other socially, share their experiences and enjoy each other’s company.

To which I would add the opportunity it affords current and past parliamentarians to spend time together.

No doubt many words of wisdom and support have been shared around the green or in the clubhouse, over the years of competition.

As the daughter of a parliamentarian, I saw first-hand the dedication and sacrifice that these roles entail – the long hours and many challenges that come with a career in politics.

The parliamentary bowling club provides a much-deserved rest and fun for serving MPs!

Friends, I was pleased to learn that South Australia played a very important role in the creation of the Interstate Parliamentary Bowling Carnival.

The concept for these championships was first raised by two South Australian parliamentarians – Sir Lyell McEwin and Mr James Heaslip – in 1960, at Parliament House in Sydney.

Since the first championships in 1961, the event has returned to Adelaide several times, most recently in 2018, when it was hosted by the Holdfast Bay Bowling Club.

I extend an especially warm welcome to our guests from interstate, and I’m very pleased they have the opportunity this evening to enjoy and explore Government House.

The earliest part of this house was built and occupied in May 1840, making it the oldest continually functioning Government House in Australia.

Please feel welcome take a walk around our public rooms after these formalities.

In addition, I hope you have the chance during your stay to spend some time in the city or other regions of South Australia.

I understand Adrian has organised a trip to his electorate of Hammond on Friday, which includes Monarto Safari Park, Murray Bridge and Tailem Bend.

It would also be a great opportunity to support local businesses during what is a challenging period for the Riverland.

Best of luck to you all for the final two days of competition!

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