Wednesday, 24 August 2022

Reception for Cottage Homes

Rod and I warmly welcome you to this reception to mark 150 years of Cottage Homes.

It is my honour as Governor to be your patron and to host your community here at Government House.

This evening we celebrate the lifeblood of your organisation – its volunteers and supporters.

Your collective efforts have ensured the longevity of Cottage Homes and ultimately its success as one of South Australia’s oldest registered charities.

Cottage Homes began thanks to the work of volunteers.

In the early 1870s, a small, dedicated team of volunteers identified the urgent need to provide suitable affordable accommodation to older South Australians without the financial capacity to purchase their own homes.

With some generous philanthropic support, two North Adelaide cottages were purchased in 1873.

Today, your organisation manages 129 1-bedroom units across 7 sites in metropolitan Adelaide.

Last year marked the first time, in almost a centenary and half, that you hired a paid staff member, an Executive Officer.

I commend your volunteer Boards and Committees which, over the years, have led your organisation through its challenges and opportunities, and have provided much-needed accommodation to thousands and thousands of South Australians.

In particular I thank Mr Jock Berry, who retired from the Board last month after almost thirty years of service to the management of Cottage Homes, including fifteen years as President.

Mr Berry, you are an outstanding example of the commitment shown by so many to the Cottage Homes community.


There is no doubting the pressures facing older South Australians at the moment, living with limited means.

The rising cost of housing, food, fuel and other necessities, and the scarcity of rental accommodation, particularly affordable accommodation, are prime concerns, not only for individuals but for our community and society as a whole.

I thank Cottage Homes for providing South Australians in need with affordable housing which gives them both dignity and independence.

Your units are in small groups with well-kept grounds, so when your clients move into their new home, they also move into a new community.

I am very pleased that your clients are supported through regular visits by volunteers, encouraging community harmony and offering a listening ear.

Thank you all for supporting one of the most vulnerable sectors of our community to experience the joy and security of quality, affordable housing.

You make an enormous difference to the lives of so many and play a vital role in the community spirit we know and are so proud of in South Australia.

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