Tuesday, 18 July 2023

Reception for JamFactory 50th Anniversary

I welcome you all to Government House.

On your way in this evening you no doubt saw the equipment for our light show, as part of the Illuminate Adelaide Festival, on the façade of the house.

Our projection is a beautifully made short film which celebrates many of South Australia’s most innovative and inspiring women of the past, present and future.

It begins at 6pm, and I encourage you to take a look after this reception.


This evening we have gathered to celebrate 50 years of JamFactory Contemporary Art and Design.

JamFactory has come a long way since its humble beginnings on Payneham Road, which I remember visiting, as a child, with my mother.

Today, you are widely recognised as Australia’s leading craft and design organisation.

On the local, national and even international stage, JamFactory products are synonymous with South Australia as well as artisan skill, flair and beauty.

In my personal and professional life, whenever I need a ‘special gift’ for someone, JamFactory is often the first place that comes to mind – as it does for so many people.

This brooch by Alice Potter, which often attracts compliments, is from JamFactory, as are a Clare Belfrage paperweight in my study downstairs, and an Aggawal plate in the residence upstairs. The brooch was given to me by our daughters as a present for a special birthday not so long ago after I admired it during a visit to JamFactory with them.

In our world of digital technologies and globalised manufacturing, your organisation celebrates the values of craft and the handmade.

Your products, used with pride, viewed with pride, worn with pride or placed with pride in living rooms, board rooms and other locations, provide inspiration and joy to countless people every day.

While the quality of your products is undoubtedly part of JamFactory’s longevity and explains the loyalty of many of your supporters, an entrepreneurial approach has also led you to considerable success.

From training emerging artists and designers, presenting and touring exhibitions, leasing studio space, design and production of bespoke items, retail sales and publishing…

Your multifaceted approach creates a strong financial position, while also growing your brand awareness.

I thank you for making such a significant contribution to South Australia’s arts landscape, boosting our state’s reputation in the arts.

As an employer of more than 65 people, you are supporting the livelihoods of arts workers while also contributing to the income of hundreds of artists, designers and makers through its sales and other business activities.

I note JamFactory’s efforts to nurture local talent as well as attract outstanding artists and designers from around Australia and across the globe.

I thank the many supporters of your organisation over the years.

In addition to the Government of South Australia, you have developed an extensive network of support from individual and corporate donors and members, and I thank them sincerely for their contributions.

I thank JamFactory board and staff, past and present, for their vision and dedication to what has become an iconic institution.

Congratulations to JamFactory on half a century of operation.

I wish you every success for the next 50 years.

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