Friday, 12 May 2023

Reception for Legacy Torch Relay

Rod and I are very pleased to welcome you to Government House to celebrate Legacy’s centenary.

I am honoured to be Legacy’s patron, to be part of Legacy’s long-standing relationship with the office of the Governor, and to support the organisation in any way I can.

It was my great pleasure, this morning, to take part in the torch relay and be cheered on by the Legacy community.

To the torch bearers present this afternoon, congratulations on your participation.

I thank you for your efforts to raise funds in support of Legacy’s many functions.

I also thank Legacy’s staff, volunteers, partners and other supporters for helping to realise the South Australian leg of the relay.

As we all know, the spirit of Legacy had its genesis on the battlefields of long ago.

In the trenches of the Western Front during World War I, a soldier said to his dying mate: “I’ll look after the missus and kids”.

This became known as The Promise and it has been kept through the care and compassion of Legacy for 100 years.

Last year it was my great pleasure to host a Christmas party at Government House for families supported by Legacy.

I listened to their stories as they recounted, with such gratitude, the support that Legacy has provided for them in the wake of loss.

Legacy’s contributions – from vital financial assistance, to education and personal development programs, introductions to new friends and supporters – and Legacy’s love had fundamentally changed their lives.

Of course, young families are just one group that Legacy helps.

Widows – some over the age of 100 – single people, and people with disabilities are also fortunate to receive support.

The contribution of Legatees to the lives of individuals and families they support cannot be underestimated, and for those in the audience this afternoon, you have my sincere thanks for your work.

The solace, guidance and friendship is just as important as any in-kind support received by Legacy’s clients.

Some of you have been supported by Legacy in the past, having lost your own family member, and I thank you for giving back to the organisation.


Founded by a single serviceman in Tasmania, 100 years ago, Legacy has grown and evolved in an extraordinary way.

Today, Legacy supports 40,000 individuals and families across Australia, with assistance from more than 3,400 volunteers.

This growth is testament to the passion, dedication and commitment of everyone in this room.

Thank you all, and I wish Legacy all the very best for its next 100 years.

It is now my great pleasure to present your President, Mr Rob Eley, with this plaque to commemorate the centenary.

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