Thursday, 14 July 2022

Reception for Malaysian Ministry of Environment and Water Delegation

I warmly welcome you all to Government House.

I trust you have had an enjoyable and productive time in Australia, and in South Australia, thus far.

In my former life as a diplomat, and Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, international water engagement was an area of keen interest for me and it is my great pleasure to host you this evening.

South Australia has strong ties with Malaysia on many fronts, including trade and education as part of a strong, collaborative and multifaceted partnership between our goals, institute, companies and people.

multiple fronts, such as trade and education.

We are pleased to support you in the development of your own National Water Policy as you drive improved outcomes for your nation, and trust there is much we can learn from you too.

Malaysia and South Australia have very different contexts when it comes to water management.

Malaysia is ranked eighth in the world for annual rainfall, while Australia is 141st!

What’s more, South Australia is the driest state in Australia.

However, this challenge has driven our state’s strong focus on water management, and resultant expertise.

I understand it was Australia’s presence at the 2020 Dubai Expo which prompted you, Dr Othman, to pursue a collaboration with the South Australian water sector and we thank you sincerely for your interest in our work.

South Australia, together with other states, has a strong reputation for its cross jurisdictional approach to managing the Murray Darling Basin.

South Australia in particular is known for leading the way in adaptive water management and the timely revision of legislation.

We trust there is much we can share that will be useful to you on your policy journey.

I understand that tomorrow you will attend site visits to Lower Murray irrigation sites, as well as the Christies Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant, which will provide the opportunity to see our policies in practice.

Enjoy your time in SA, and we wish you all the very best with the development of your National Water Policy.

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