Thursday, 09 November 2023

Reception for South Australia's Women's Honour Roll

It is my pleasure to host this event in honour of the 20 nominees selected for the 2023 South Australian Women’s Honour Roll.

South Australia’s legacy in championing women’s rights is a source of great pride in our state.

In 1894, South Australia became the second place in the world to legislate women’s right to vote, and the first place in the world to give women the right to stand for Parliament.

This milestone marked the start of a journey that has seen our state champion the rights of women in education, employment, and healthcare.

Today, South Australia remains committed to gender equality, and proudly acknowledges women who are leading the way.

The 2023 South Australian Women’s Honour Roll stands as a testament to that.

Today’s 20 nominees join a long and proud tradition of women advocating for the rights of women in South Australia.

Those we honour today represent diverse backgrounds, professions, and life experiences.

Your work resonates across different sectors, and includes healthcare, Indigenous rights, family and domestic violence, and women in the workforce.

Despite your differences, there is a common thread.

You have shown us what is possible when dedication and passion intersect.

Across your field of interests, you have raised awareness, challenged stereotypes, and pushed for change in practices that have historically disadvantaged women.

You demonstrate that passion and determination know no gender, and that a society’s progress is linked to the empowerment of all its members.

The recognition of your work highlights the progress we have made, but it also underscores the work that remains to be done.

Women still face challenges in the professional and personal spheres.

The gender pay gap still persists, women remain underrepresented in leadership roles, and they often carry a disproportionate burden of unpaid work.

Yet, it is in the face of these challenges, that your advocacy shines even brighter.

South Australia’s history of leadership in women’s rights reminds us that change is possible, and it is born out of the very values that drive advocacy – determination and collective action.

To the women inducted onto the Women’s Honour Roll, I offer my heartfelt congratulations and deep gratitude for your tireless work.

Your achievements inspire us and your legacy will shape the future of South Australia for the better.

Thank you for your commitment to ensuring that we all live in a safer, and more inclusive society.

I thank the Office for Women for the stewardship of these awards, and more broadly, progressing gender equality in South Australia.

Initiatives such as the Women’s Honour Roll reminds us that barriers can be broken, glass ceilings can be shattered, and the most vulnerable among us are heard.

We are privileged to have so many remarkable – and talented – women in our state.

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