Friday, 01 December 2023

Reception for the 10th anniversary of Amicus Global

It is Rod’s and my great pleasure to welcome you to Government House to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Amicus Global.

Congratulations on a decade of creating connections and celebrating diversity!

Finding a way to make new connections can be a challenge in adult life, especially if you have moved to a new city or country.

This was certainly Rod’s and my experience as diplomats living and working in several countries around the world, and indeed when we were living in each other’s country for the first time.

The essence of Amicus Global’s name - ‘Amicus’ - resonates with the spirit of friendship.

For 10 years, Amicus Global has invited people from diverse backgrounds to come together and build bridges.

Over the years, your members have danced under the stars at Tropicana nights, revelled in the mystery at masquerade parties, and tried their hand at Parisian cuisine during the French food night!

These events reflect the ability of Amicus Global’s members to step outside their comfort zone and reach across difference to foster genuine and lifelong connections.

One of the hallmarks of Amicus Global’s journey has been its dedication to arts and culture.

Your organisation has curated musical soirees, an art hanging, and hosted an information panel for international students and migrants.

The commitment to attracting people from various age groups, cultures, and professional fields has been a cornerstone of Amicus’ success.

I acknowledge that Amicus Global’s impact has extended even further by working with other groups in partnership.

Your commitment to collaboration, such as the event held in conjunction with the Afghan Cultural Association, raised funds for the resettlement of Afghan refugees.

This exemplifies the heart of Amicus Global – building bridges within our community and extending a helping hand to those seeking a new beginning.

I commend Amicus Global for its embrace of the arts, celebration of culture, and engagement with a range of organisations to celebrate the richness of human connection.

In reflecting on the past 10 years, I acknowledge the collective efforts of past and present members of the Amicus Global Governing Council, who have been the architects of Amicus Global’s success.

I thank Dennis for his vision in founding Amicus and creating a space where people can expand their networks through social events.

To Amicus Global members and supporters – past and present – thank you for your role in making Amicus Global the incredible success that it is today.

Together, you have built something truly special.

May the next chapter of Amicus Global be marked by greater achievements, deeper connections, and a legacy that inspires the generations that will follow.

Congratulations and I hope that the next 10 years be even more extraordinary than the last.

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