Saturday, 22 July 2023

Reception for women in the Illuminate Adelaide ‘Into the Light’ projection

  • The Honourable Katrine Hildyard, Minister for Women and the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence
  • Ms Natasha Stott-Despoja, Founding Chairperson, Our Watch, and Former Senator for South Australia
  • Professor Maria Makrides, Professor of Human Nutrition
  • Dr Gill Hicks, Author and advocate for peace
  • Dr Samantha Pillay, Author and South Australia’s first female urological surgeon
  • Mrs Maggie Beer AO, Chef, author and gourmet food manufacturer
  • Ms Moya Dodd AO, lawyer, former vice-captain of The Matildas and first woman to join the governing body of FIFA
  • Ms Sandra Miller, Indigenous health advocate and 2023 SA Senior Australian of the Year
  • Ms Tanya Hosch, the first Aboriginal person appointed to the AFL executive
  • Dr Jiawen Li, Inventor and biodmedical engineer
  • Ms Michelle den Dekker OAM, World and Commonwealth Games champion netballer
  • Ms Nancy Bates, First Nations singer-songwriter and social activist
  • Ms Anita Nedosyko, marine biologist and conservation campaigner
  • Ms Felicity Brown, South Australia’s first female pilot
  • Ms Isobel Marshall, Social entrepeneur and 2021 Young Australian of the Year
  • Ms Deb Edwards, Niece and Guardian of Professor Lowitja O’Donoghue, Leader in Indigenous Affairs and 1984 Australian of the Year
  • Ms Katrina Lucas, Creative Producer, Into the Light
  • Friends all

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Government House to celebrate ‘Into the Light’, a convergence of art and technology that shines a light on some of South Australia’s most inspiring women.

As Governor, gender equality is one of my priorities, and it has been a pleasure to participate in and host events that illuminate the stories and achievements of our state’s women.

It has been a privilege to open the grounds of Government House to the broader public and celebrate the contributions that you have made across various aspects of society, including science, arts, sport, health, and activism.

South Australian women have long played instrumental roles in our society, from pioneering social reformer Catherine Helen Spence to Dame Roma Mitchell – whose illustrious career transformed the position of women across the country.

Trailblazers such as Nora Heysen, Faith Thomas, and Joyce Steele have influenced the lives of women, empowering them to pursue art, sport, and politics, and participate in shaping our community.

Like the women who have come before you, you have made a lasting impact in your respective fields by breaking barriers and serving as role models for future generations.

Into the Light provides a unique opportunity for us to show the gains we have made as women in our state and help broaden the perceptions of what is possible for both women and men.

However, there is still much to do in overcoming gender-based biases, stopping domestic and family violence, addressing women’s health issues comprehensively, and continuing efforts to address wage disparities.

One way we can start to challenge these behaviours is through greater representation, including initiatives such as Into the Light.

Since Into the Light opened to the public on July 7, almost 53,000 people have come to the Government House grounds to view the projection.

I hope that by seeing women in positions of influence, the thousands of young girls and women who have watched Into the Light will be inspired to break barriers and pursue their dreams.

And I hope that the tens of thousands of men who have watched it alongside them, are inspired to support them in their endeavours.

I thank Illuminate Adelaide for facilitating a wonderful program that has been embraced by South Australians and visitors alike.

I thank Director Shalom Almond and Producer Katrina Lucas of Cocoon Films, in collaboration with The Electric Canvas, for creating this inspiring and thought-provoking work.

Finally, I thank you for leading the way in your fields, and in doing so, blazing a trail for women to follow.

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