Thursday, 20 July 2023

Reception to celebrate City Lights

I warmly welcome you all to Government House, on this chilly evening, to celebrate the Illuminate Adelaide festival, and in particular, the City Lights program.

Illuminate Adelaide is a South Australian success story.

Launched during a pandemic, and now only in its third year, the festival has cemented itself as a major winter event for South Australia.

With more than one million attendees last year, it’s no surprise that you are on track to exceed this figure in 2023.

I had the pleasure of attending Light Creatures at the Adelaide Zoo, Light Cycles at the Botanic Gardens, Wisdom of AI Light and the delights of North Terrace last year, and so far this year Resonate at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens and of course our very own Into the Light.

I have seen how the artistic use of lighting can change our perspective and experience of places dramatically.

I have no doubt that countless other South Australians have been similarly inspired during their engagement with Illuminate Adelaide.

As Governor, I want Government House and our gardens to be a house and gardens for all South Australians, and, indeed, for visitors to our state.

We regard ourselves as partners of our North Terrace neighbours and it seemed to me as I returned to our darkened house from nights out at Illuminate last year that there was an opportunity for us to be part of something much bigger. Fortunately, Rachael and Lee agreed!

It has therefore been very heartening to see large numbers of people visit our grounds during the festival, enjoying the beautifully made ‘Into the Light’ projection on our facade.

One of my six priorities is gender equality and I couldn’t have been happier when our wonderful co-directors suggested we highlight (excuse the pun) the achievements and influence of outstanding South Australian women, past and present.

Their words of wisdom, combined with stunning visual imagery and effects, is a striking combination.

I thank Director Shalom Almond and Producer Katrina Lucas of Cocoon Films, in collaboration with The Electric Canvas, for creating this memorable work, as well as all the people and organisations which kindly donated footage for the project.

It’s also been great to see South Australians of all ages and backgrounds – decked out in their winter coats, scarves and beanies – exploring the installations along North Terrace and elsewhere in the city.

Children in particular have taken great delight in the interactive games.

Adelaide is highly regarded for its lifestyle opportunities, and part of this is being a festival city.

I thank Illuminate Adelaide for its vibrant contribution to our festival calendar, and for helping to make it truly year round.

I thank you for offering outstanding events which are both ticketed and free, such as City Lights.

I am very pleased to see how popular the expanded City Lights program has been this year, and I look forward to seeing its ongoing success.

Behind the success of enterprises like arts festivals is always an incredibly creative, passionate and hard-working team of individuals.

I thank the Co Directors Rachael Azzopardi and Lee Cumberlidge, and the entire Illuminate Adelaide team, for their bringing this year’s festival to life.

I thank the SA Tourism Commission and other event partners for their support, as well as the institutions and businesses hosting City Lights installations.

I look forward to seeing Illuminate Adelaide continue its work bringing light, inspiration and joy to Adelaide winters for many years to come, including here at Government House.

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